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Mylar Foil Heat Seal Pouches 20cm x 30cm



Mylar bags/pouches offer a long term food storage for up to 20 years.  Very strong tough 5.1 mil thick with tear notch, Offering protection from sunlight, moisture & oxygen.


Our Premium mylar foil Pouches Are-


  • Light Proof- This is due to a real layer of aluminium and NOT the cheap sprayed on metal colour which will punture easily, NOT OURS.


  • Smell Proof- Once sealed smells can not escape, this is due to real foil layer & our pouches are thick.


  • Moisture Proof- Once sealed moisture will not get in for years. 


  • Boil in the Bag- 60 degrees celsius for 30 minutes.


  • Freezer Proof- No problems to leave these in the freezer for 5years plus.


  • FoodGrade & BPA Free- Safe for food contact.

Mylar Foil Heat Seal Pouches 20cm x 30cm - Holds up to 1kg

  • Return and Refund policy. If for any reason you are not completely happy we have a straightforward refund or exchange policy, Buy must pay for return.

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